Note: Not all flavors are available.. they do vary based on season.

Please give a minimum of two weeks notice for all orders.

Cupcakes are sold by the dozen (1 dozen per flavor, not variety)

Click here for Kupkake Kandi Flavor Menu (New Menu Coming Soon!)

Wine & Beer Infused Flavors:

Raspberry Wine Black Bottom (Galen Glen Raspberry Wine Infused)

Alpine Spice Vanilla Apple (Sand Castle Winery Infused)

Sangria (Galen Glen Wine Infused)

Strawberry Wine (Galen Glen Wine Infused

Chocolate Covered Bacon (Featuring Bespoke Bacon)

Smooth Criminal Caramel (Porter Beer Infused)

Better with Beer Bacon (Black & Tan Infused)

That’s my Beer Jam (Strawberry Wheat Infused)

Lemon Shandy (Shocktop Infused)

The “Loaded” Cupcake (Black & Tan Infused Choc/PB)

One thought on “Flavors

  1. Would love to know what flavors you will have at bear creek the bacon cupacked are a must for me along with the apple I get them every time


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